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Printer Not Playing Ball

Sitting here, temper barely contained - my war horse of a printer has chosen NOW of all times to not work. It's ancient as far as printers go (Samsung ML-1210), but when I absolutely need it the most i.e printing out the PP and the Annotated Biblio, it gets stuck.  Right now, am trying to persuade hubby NOT to give it a Cornwall Highways Assisted Burial (they are still outside my door) and somehow ressurrect it from its paper-jammed coma. Sacrificed many small offering to paper gods - bam - working now. PP and biblio printed,  Tomorrow is the big day - it is what I slipped up on last year, so hopefully I can rectify matters, redeem myself.

Above is a rainy day gif - not that it has been particularly rainy here - but I thought it looked suitably autumnal :-)

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There's that awful dread that this really IS the last breath... but gentleness and a good kicking does sometimes work. Sounds like you have MUCH patience and good fingers to get down to the little bit of paper stuck......gaaaaah.

LOVE the piccy, the house looks so wonderfully cosy and I imagine when opening the door there's the whiff of spiced wine and good cooking and friendship's warmth enfolding..... tis a LOOOOOVLEH little hoose.

We have April here now. (does a loopyloo gaga dance and prprprprprblpeble)

Good luck and I'm SURE you've got it all PERFECT now. (they won't give you 100% - as a matter of principle!! ) 98% would be nice!!

good luck! Hope all your hard work pays off.

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