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Unicorn Cleaning Its Teeth
blowjob time reactiongifs

As one does....

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*scream* that is truly alarming!

I know! I found it part funny, part scary!

Am so GLAD to know unicorns are careful about their teeth!

This is just HILARIOUS... and I love unicorns, and the body isn't bad either...

Oh bless you Rosie, what a totally DAFT gif... but very very enjoyable.

Oh dear me, what/how/why does a chap suddenly decide to wear a Unicorn's head... and then ....oh deary me... its GORGEOUS and kiss the nutter inside the mask.

Appeals to my frankly bizarre sense of humour. I like guys to have a bit more hair on their chest (Hubby looks like a Wookie LOL :-D).

Oh LOrd.... now all I can think of is You, grooming for fleas! Oh truly? oh what fun finding out which end you're at...

Sorry, you've got me really giggly today... full of lovely daftness.

(Truly - Wooky-ish? oh oh deary me.... holds ribs!!)

Well, he has definable features, however he does a brilliant overexcited gorilla impression to make me laugh :-)

NOT while he's up on a tower I trust!!!

What A NICE NICE man/chimp/wookie he sounds. Give him a good long cuddle from me, (just to help your procrastinationing!!!)

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