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Angela Carter PowerPoint - Several Days Later
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Need to get the rest of this done today - procrastination is my middle name.  Like - does the car need washing/aga need cleaning?  What about the garden, surely there are weeds out there?  How about the treatment of damp in the spare bedroom? Or I'm sure the cat has shed more hair since I hoovered yesterday.

Nope? Curses....

Most of the PP is done now, but need some serious work done on the annotated biblio.  Just discovered that I am two books adrift (underneath the paper mountain that is my house), plus I really need to speed read The Quilt Maker if any of this is going to make sense.  Plus side::: I have found a great essay from the psychology site on Primo - basically underlining the argument that I have put forth. Yay!

Minus side ::: it has truly got bloody cold and Cornwall Highways are back tomorrow.

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An glad that that is ALL the crows are dropping.... we've still got a lovely summer's day! Cool at night, but not nippy YET!

And well done you.. finding confirmation that YOU DO GET IT RIGHT!!!!

My three Angela Carters are waiting to be started... Am so busy with hosps and bloody bureaucracy to get my health insurance sorted. Am knackered with it all.


And I hope your bloody sledgehammer wielders have moved a lONG way down the street>?????

Edited at 2016-10-17 02:36 pm (UTC)

It's bright and sunny here, but it has definitely got colder - especially last night. Brrrr!!

The jackhammerers were there at eight this morning, but haven't seen them since. Everything is still barricaded and coned off with traffic lights abound.

Heyyy... you're procrastinating! Get on with your work! (teehee... wookies..... oh lor!)

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