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The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

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Annotated Bibliography + PP = Headache
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Well, I have started to do the groundwork, but I need the argument to be both consistent and coherent.  Again, I cannot mention the argument nor the timeline of thinking, lest I will be done for plaigiarisng myself (I should say that I would give myself full permission, but I don't think the exam board will see it that way).I have two days grace before Cornwall Highways re-emmerge and start drilling/digging again, so I will spend it reading this little beauty under the cut.

As I said, this little beauty dropped through my letterbox today - newly-released as of yesterday.  Edmund Gordon appears to be a well-respected journalist; his blurb says that he writes for 'a wide variety of publication, including the Guardian, Observer, London Review of Books, Times Education Supplement and Sunday Times' as well as recieving 'a Jerwood Award for non-fiction from the Royal Society of Literature' and teach(ing) literature and creative writing at King's College, London.'

Not sure his connection with la Carter, but will be wading in to see if this will help my argument (have to be a little careful - we have been warned to make this either theoretical or biographic/historic.  Anything that goes deeper than this starts to wade into M.A. territory and a) I haven't got the space and b) I haven't got the skills as yet).

With thanks to ecosopher who has kindly pointed out this page on the Carter biography, seen HERE

So - I have made a start and will be trawling through the various net/academic essays/ books for both annotated biblio AND PP.  So, a busy weekend ahead.