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The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

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Degrees of Contemplation

YES!!! Especially if you have to be on the 06:36 from Cornwall to Plymouth.

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THAT is INHUMAN! Oh love, oh deary me. oh gawd.... My heart is out there with you...

Honestly, I do remember empty solitary stations (mine had gas lamps even) at that bloody hour. They do have a certain creepy ghostly charm, BUT

its the bloody getting UP to GET THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS..oh HUGS.

On the whole, they do try to arrange the timetable to accommodate the long distance students. There are times when they can't and regardless of the nine o'clock start, the long distance student has to be there for 9am.

The train station is eerily quiet that time of the morning.

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