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The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

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Different Perspectives

Lots of walking today, first around Kehelland, then down on my local beach.  Seeing many thinks from fresh perspectives. More photos HERE
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Rather splendid outdoorsy collection, could SMELL the salty air. :(I hope that isn't harmful... as the water and river and sand and stuff all seems to be! teehee

I liked the WARNINGS and a LARGE notice giving the Rescur Service of the RNLI - in BIG numbers right beside! teehee. that's really rubbing it in!

I love the winedy (how DO you show wriggly windy as against Blowy windy???) river and the 'withies' (as we used to call them, using sticks of willow up in Sussex and Kent.) Those ones are really accurate too... on the edges of the channel.. ours would wander all over and we'd have to go stomping out and replant quite a lot. I see there is still a bit of a sandbar between the first withy and the buoy. Smashing bit of coast line that is!

And your camera is rather clever... super super clarity on the woody bits. YUM.

Nah, our salt water is good for you - promise!

Yes - it used to be a fully working fishing port before the sandbars turned up a few hundred years ago. Even dredging didn't shift it. Boats are repaired on nearby Mackerel beach, but largely it is a quiet place that attracts many migratory birds, mainly because of the Saltings/estuary.

I am quite pleased with the camera on the Sony Xperia X phone. Like I said, in some respects it is better than my old SLR. That's the difference that 10 years of media technology does :-)

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