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Late Afternoon Sunshine

Took my new phone (Sony Xperia X) for a walk, along the Saltings where I live and to the Dynamite Quay.  It was exceptionally windy, but with stunning blue skies.  Generally pleased - resulting with some pictures in the autumn sunlight.

Photos HERE

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That is some camera... the closeups! RUST!!! and the Travellers Joy, and that light switch!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh glory be, I'd just LOVE to come walkies with you... you look at all the IMPORTANT things!!!

Thanks a million... they are just brilliant. What a magic walk! OOOOh JEALOUS I AM !

Thanks - in some respects, it is better than my old SLR, but my old cam is still better re zoom lens. I love old ruins, more interesting to look at. All wild and reclaimed by nature - fabulous, far more interesting.

That picture with the old old wood and the stone behind it. Just GORGEOUS!

I miss my old Canon SLR... I know you had to fiddle with lenses sometimes, but it did take such deep-looking pictures.

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