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Major Dissertation PowerPoint - It Begins
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Actually, I have done quite a bit PP wise.  The power of three - three chapters, three stages, three motifs, three themes.  A primary theory, a secondary theory and many supporting complimentary books.  Add some academic sprinkles to expand my theories en route and hopefully I will have a half-decent diss.  Need to crystalise the full argument before I do this PP.  Hopeful this will materialise before Wednesday 19th.

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will you be teaching after your graduation? powerpoint can be fun if you have interesting content and an equally interesting subject or purpose. best of lick lassy!

; )

Good God, no - all that read tape and chasing targets? No thanks. Probably support learning, but I am looking into publishing, proofreading or something like that. I have made some good contacts and hope to use them when the time comes :-)

i see. best of luck with all that. how long do you have to go yet?

I will be finished at the end of May next year :-)

great! let's go on a holiday!

; )

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