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Major Dissertation: The Beginning - Ransacking JSTOR

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Well it's a start.  I need to find some academic essays that might give me an idea into what I am going to do.  I am considering three stages of life using four main books and will fill in the rest as and when.

Under the cut is some anagrams of the word 'dissertation'

Daintier Toss
Daintier Sots
Sanitised Rot
Sanitised Tor
Dainties Tors
Dainties Rots
Dainties Sort
Satirised Ton
Satirised Not
Adroitness It
Ordinates Sit
Ordinates Its
Notarised Sit
Rationed Sits
Ordinate Sits
Sedation Stir
Stationed Sir
Antidotes Sir
Sandiest Trio
Sandiest Riot
Instead Trios
Instead Riots
Sainted Trios
Sainted Riots
Detains Torsi
Detains Trios
Detains Riots
Stained Trios
Stained Riots
Roadie Stints
Roadies Stint
Roadies Tints
Asteroids Nit
Asteroids Tin
Asteroid Nits
Asteroid Tins
Disaster Into
Striated Ions
Tardiest Ions
Staidest Iron
Distaste Iron
Orated Insist
Radii Stetson
Diarists Note
Diarists Tone
Diarist Stone
Diarist Notes
Diarist Tones
Diarist Onset
Distrait Eons
Distrait Nose
Distrait Ones
Inroad Testis
Ordain Testis
Distant Osier
Adroit Steins
Adroit Insets
Raid Stoniest
Arid Stoniest
Raids Toniest
Triad Nosiest
Dais Snottier
Aids Snottier
Said Snottier
Sadist Orient
Staid Stonier
Stand Riotise
Roads Tiniest
Soda Nitrites
Ados Nitrites
Sodas Nitrite
Toad Sinister
Drat Noisiest
Dart Noisiest
Inertias Dots
Rainiest Dots
Sanities Trod
Sanitise Trod
Titanises Rod
Stationers Id
Stationer Ids
Stationer Dis
Estonia Dirts
Arisen Dittos
Anise Distort
Toastier Dins
Sterna Idiots
Astern Idiots
Striations Ed
Striation Eds
Raisins Toted
Titians Doers
Sitarist Done
Sitarist Node
Satirist Done
Satirist Node
Arsonist Tied
Arsonist Diet
Arsonist Edit
Arsonist Tide
Rations Edits
Rations Diets
Rations Deist
Rations Tides
Rations Sited
Ration Desist
Ration Deists
Stations Dire
Stations Ride
Station Dries
Station Sired
Station Rides
Rains Dittoes
Ranis Dittoes
Saints Editor
Saints Rioted
Satins Editor
Satins Rioted
Stains Editor
Stains Rioted
Stain Editors
Stain Storied
Stain Sortied
Stain Steroid
Antis Editors
Antis Storied
Antis Sortied
Antis Steroid
Saint Editors
Saint Storied
Saint Sortied
Saint Steroid
Satin Editors
Satin Storied
Satin Sortied
Satin Steroid
Taints Dories
Taints Dorise
Titans Dories
Titans Dorise
Anti Steroids
Taint Dorises
Taint Dossier
Titan Dorises
Titan Dossier
Ratio Snidest
Ratio Dissent
Oasis Trident
Iotas Tinders
Artist Onside
Artist Noised
Traits Onside
Traits Noised
Strati Onside
Strati Noised
Strait Onside
Strait Noised
Sonar Ditties
Sonar Tidiest
Arson Ditties
Arson Tidiest
Roasts Indite
Assort Indite
Taros Indites
Sorta Indites
Roast Indites
Tarots Inside
Tarot Insides
Oats Disinter
Stoat Insider
Toast Insider
Oat Dirtiness
Oat Disinters
Tsars Edition
Stars Edition
Starts Iodine
Tars Sedition
Tars Editions
Tsar Sedition
Tsar Editions
Arts Sedition
Arts Editions
Star Sedition
Star Editions
Rats Sedition
Rats Editions
Tarts Iodines
Tarts Ionised
Start Iodines
Start Ionised
Tar Seditions
Art Seditions
Rat Seditions
Sat Disorient
Stat Derision
Stat Ironised
Tags: *annagramma*, ba english yr 3, major dissertation

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