Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Anagrams of 'Laughing Matters'

Martingales Thug
Martingale Thugs
Maltreating Hugs
Maltreating Gush
Agleam Thrusting
Granulates Might
Granulate Mights
Maltreat Gushing
Slaughtering Mat
Slaughtering Tam
Regulating Maths
Slathering Gamut
Earthlings Gamut
Haltering Gamuts
Earthling Gamuts
Lathering Gamuts
Laughters Mating
Laughters Taming
Slaughter Mating
Slaughter Taming
Laughter Matings
Retaught Maligns
Malingers Taught
Ligate Hamstrung
Smattering Laugh
Mattering Laughs
Gunmetals Aright
Tags: *annagramma*

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