Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
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Windows 10 - The Rape of the Laptop

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There are some who have upgraded to Windows 10 without so much as a peep.  Things are going swimmingly, in fact.  Others like me and the rest of the internet users are cursing the pox on their life which is Windows 10.  It has been sidling up to us for months before its official switch over.  More and more, I have seen it as a grooming tool for a sexual assault on the pc - rape of the laptop.  Throughout all of this year, it keeps pressing itself against us, willing us to like it, install it.  Closer to the July deadline, it became more insistant.  You HAVE to have me, or your files will escape and your hard drive will turn to silt.  It gets to 48 hours before cut off point and eventually I give in; "Alright! Alright! I WILL bloody install you, ok? Jeez."  And then the troubles began...

First of all, because I have left it so late, it starts to become menacing "You didn't install me when I asked you to in November/December/March/Whenever - I will now show a 'sad face' icon and make things impossibly difficult to rectify."  Eventually, it all seems to be playing ball, until I find that not only do I have to find my way round a new system, it has also hidden some of my files.  After much gnashing of teeth, files are restored and everything is right with the world...

...or so I thought.

Now it does updates - not just once or twice a month, but every few days.  "Hi" it says (can't remember us being on such informal terms), "We have updated your files - Everything is where you left it." Well, that's a bloody lie.  Rather, you have changed the pathways and I can't get my poor orphan files away from the newly-constructed woods of the Windows 10 monster.  It keeps leaving me phoney sweet messages "We've updated and given you some new features."  Just...go away.  If Windows 10 is 'Rape of the Laptop', then its updates are like contracting the clap, or the genital herpes of the hub.  Just when you think the problem has desisted, it starts again.  And again and again.
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