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Having a Spongebob Moment

Back to uni tomorrow.  Up at a stupid time to get the train and the lecture starts at 11.  Spongebob - I envy you.

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Hmmm the Mode as mere saplings. They went through a phase of recruiting women who look as miserable as sin. Though one did start to smile at 3:19 (not sure what they thought they could get out of granny at 3:21).

so were they in hot pursuit of haut couture, or simply stalking...??

i would say that granny was just a fluke in the right place at the right time totally unsolicited, and they decide to keep her in the vid)))

RE: Re: depeche stranger

Granny would be 'Strange Love' indeed.

Oh dear me... oh dear me.

How well I know that feeling (or used to!)

Oh good luck love, Happy travels, may the coaches be clean, and vacant and noiseless and perfumed ... on time, and may they debouch you to a blue sky, the happy calls of friends, and a red carpet up those grey grey steps!

Oh dear me..............................

Thanks lovie - as it was, it wasn't such a bad day :-)

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