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The Ultimate Fangirl


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Snicker... since my favorites are all dead, I don't know that that would get them to write anymore.

I was wondering if this was based on a near-miss experience with Stephen King.

With him, it's hard to tell! :D

OOOoh dear, I fear I am fangirling FAR TOO MUCH! I have to keep googling for more ways to entertain me! (erm, us, erm.. them ...erm... ME! dammit ME ME ME needs the LURV and Blurd and moans and groans and... )

Oh this is lovely, like being given permission to DO AS I LIKE with WHOM I WANT! OH THANK YOU! teehee... sporfle.

Just as well that Tolkien has been laid to rest, eh? ;-)

I wonder if he's twirling away or laughing his head off... or even applauding the effect he's been able to have on the female sex! (and some males these days!!!!!) teehee.

After reading some fanfics, he probably would flinch over the new interpretation of 'Hobbit Hole.....'

I'm not so sure. I'm sure he had a WONDERFUL sideways sense of humour... and he certainly knew 'life'. (but there again... maybe you're right!)

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