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Down to the Calico Sea

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RMB - Antistar
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i'm eating for nessie to jump out of the waves... that is very hypnotic!

I presume you meant 'waiting" LOL

I had this album on cd when it first came out and before the days of YouTube, you could only get hold of 'Antistar' on cd or if someone taped it.

thanks, i love how spellcheck puts words in my mouth... when i'm not watching

those were the good old days of used music stores and mail order services..

i kind of miss that old way of time moving slow..

but i love this new way of friends from afar, with sensibility to relate to my peculiar predilections of art and music.

in my world i get, like -most artists are rich and famous (after they're dead), leonardo who? and did you watch tv last night? and interrupting me while i write or while i'm contemplating life, or trying to read a book... and what's that weird music you listen to? miles davis, not sure who you mean..

; P

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