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Rubber Duck Dreaming

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My only new years resolution this year was to record my dreams.  I made notes in the back of the dream journal as to who I dreamt of the most, places I visited, poems, books rhymes, films - including random objects.  Something did recur and that was the plastic duck....

Yes, you heard right.

It has turned up in several dreams this year, once at my mother-in-laws (in her front room by the phone), in a theoretic student digs as a kind of mascot and in the back garden having tea - such is the strange world of Calico Pye and her plastic duck fetish.

I was trying to figure out the significance it has had for me.  I had to dig hard, but here goes.  As we (sister/self) grew up, we had a plastic duck mother and child.  We used to fill it full of water and squeeze them so they would pee themselves - such is the subterranean level of childhood glee.  Then I had a rethink.  Sister gave me one chained to a bathplug for Xmas one year; I bought a whole flotilla of rubber ducks for Prodigal 2 courtesy of Santa; somewhere along the line, a random duck show up that turned from blue to brown when it was placed in hot water and recently I won a female rubber duck (with lipstick on, no less) on an arcade game during the summer.  I vaguely remember writing about Chinese Giant Inflatable Duck that drifted away from its moorings a couple of years ago - and as it coincided with celestial anatidae, and I pared it with 'The Dirty Snow Duck' Comet 67P. Trying to consider the meaning of this - plastic ducks sit on water, rather than in it (unlike real ducks), it would be pretty dimissive of and bread thrown its way and I would suggest that it would taste appalling with hoi sin sauce.

So, whatup, motherducker - what does this all mean?

The only thing I can think of is that it has a certain kind of irreverence, it suggests playfulness and to lighten up about things.  Jung would have a field day, but I suppose it does kind of say 'Chillax - it's only a rubber duck.'

Anybody else have strange things turn up in their dreams - recurring or otherwise?
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