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Rubber Duck Dreaming
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My only new years resolution this year was to record my dreams.  I made notes in the back of the dream journal as to who I dreamt of the most, places I visited, poems, books rhymes, films - including random objects.  Something did recur and that was the plastic duck....

Yes, you heard right.

It has turned up in several dreams this year, once at my mother-in-laws (in her front room by the phone), in a theoretic student digs as a kind of mascot and in the back garden having tea - such is the strange world of Calico Pye and her plastic duck fetish.

I was trying to figure out the significance it has had for me.  I had to dig hard, but here goes.  As we (sister/self) grew up, we had a plastic duck mother and child.  We used to fill it full of water and squeeze them so they would pee themselves - such is the subterranean level of childhood glee.  Then I had a rethink.  Sister gave me one chained to a bathplug for Xmas one year; I bought a whole flotilla of rubber ducks for Prodigal 2 courtesy of Santa; somewhere along the line, a random duck show up that turned from blue to brown when it was placed in hot water and recently I won a female rubber duck (with lipstick on, no less) on an arcade game during the summer.  I vaguely remember writing about Chinese Giant Inflatable Duck that drifted away from its moorings a couple of years ago - and as it coincided with celestial anatidae, and I pared it with 'The Dirty Snow Duck' Comet 67P. Trying to consider the meaning of this - plastic ducks sit on water, rather than in it (unlike real ducks), it would be pretty dimissive of and bread thrown its way and I would suggest that it would taste appalling with hoi sin sauce.

So, whatup, motherducker - what does this all mean?

The only thing I can think of is that it has a certain kind of irreverence, it suggests playfulness and to lighten up about things.  Jung would have a field day, but I suppose it does kind of say 'Chillax - it's only a rubber duck.'

Anybody else have strange things turn up in their dreams - recurring or otherwise?

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I do seriously adore yellow plastic/rubber ducks. Especially those brave ones that floated endlessly all around the world when some eejit dropped a container full of them into the sea off Malaysia I think.

What wonderful courageous brave weeny ducks they were... bobbing through cyclones, hurricanes, calms, past The Cyclades, beyond the Blue Horizon, between Scylla and Charybdis... and maybe some are still becalmed in The Ancient mariner's Sargasso Sea.

I think you're so LUCKY to have golden ducks (that may or may not pee - teehee) to have dreams about. I have horrible empty ghostly dark-green-cloak filled echoey school cloakrooms to cross.

I'm sure Jung and Freud would have loved to have known about yellow plastic ducks in your dreams! All that lovely bathtime!


I do think the amazing voyage of the ducks (and there were other animal bath-toys who were also swept overboard) would make a wonderful animated children's film!

Yes - think there were a consignment of plastic ducks were lost about 25 years ago. It is something that Pixar/disney cdould definitely develop :-D

There were yellow ducks, blue turtles and green frogs. I could see it being a great adventure film: intrepid toys!
There's a book about it, called Moby-Duck.

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I'm laughing from down here on the floor..

oh GEEEEZ Now Viggo's Freud will never seem quite the same again.

Oh LORD>> thanks for these Youtubes... I have them ALL down for viewing this afternoon after Any Questions!

Oh Gawd, I'll probably need them... but seriously.. following her round like a little puppy... and HUMPING HER LEG! agaahhhhhhh oh you are WICKED... I LOVE YOU!

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