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Thursday - I'm In Love

Saw this on the Dreamwith fanfic secrets page and I am totally with the OP on this.  Love both of the actors in Endeavour, but especially Roger Allam (Fred Thursday), who was excellent in Ashes to Ashes as bent cop Charles 'Supermac' Mackintosh.

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Just Googled Roger Allam - and what a fantastically busy and wonderful chappie he is! His list of what he's done is ... well, it nearly fell off Wiki's page! Amazing chap. I wonder if he's ever home with his nice wife and the boys.

He's LOVELY! (and through that I've found the silliest most daftly funny series on tv I saw... Krod Mandoon... so I shall hopefully be able to Youtube that for some serious funny!)

Ye gods, the world is full of brilliant actors. Tis a truly crowded profession, and I spose that's why there are so many adverts.....

Haha! I didn't think of that, Looloo. Think you are right :-D

Love it! Endeavor is a favorite of mine. British TV is so much better than what we have here in the US.

I hadn't realised til I briefly watched 'fashion Police' just how many celebs we really don't know. Obviously, Game of Thrones has made it across the pond and other very high profile ones have also made the jump here, but there is such a lot we haven't seen.

I liked Nunb3rs - love love love Rob Morrow and davis Krumholtz :-))

Have not seen it, but will give it a go on Netflix. I've been watching "Luther" as I'm quite mad for Idris Elba.

I'm not a OTP person but I do like Endeavor. Roger Allam is wonderful and it's fun to find an actor you've "discovered" in other shows you didn't notice him in the first time you watched it.

Yes - I liked him in 'V For Vendetta' first, then saw him in 'Ashes to Ashes.' Adore 'Endeavour' :-)

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