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Writing For Pleasure

I awoke this morning with a feeling I hadn't experienced for a long time.  I wanted to write - not for academic purposes, but to clear a backlog of ideas.  I had forgotten what it was like to write for the sheer joy of it all.  I cleared over 2,000 woirds today, with minimal changes and continual clear observation.  Probably haven't had that in over 4 years, such has the demands of a degree course.

* theatrical sigh *

Actually, it felt great.  Even though I have finished it for now, I have a feeling it is a work in progress and I will look forrward to reading it again and then making subtle editing/rearranging/rewriting suggestions.  Well, I have to make the most of it as I am back up at Plymouth next week.
Tags: massive attack, subrosa_write, vids 2016

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