Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Cornwall's Flash Flood (13/09/16)

Tesco Extra in Pool

There was a terrific storm last night - tried to capture it on film, but camera developed glitch and wipes the LOT! Curses! Here in St Ives we had a bit of local flooding, but it mostly drained away to the lower parts of the area.  It was a real whizz bang and according to fellow villagers, it came back last night.  Thanks to industrial earplugs (I wear them because of Hubby's snoring), I heard nothing, except the complaining of Prodigal 2 who had been up since 4am with it.

The storm mostly hit Camborne, Falmouth and Redruth - abouve is the largest Tesco within 25 miles and there is film footage of water pouring through the ceiling.  BBC News covered the event in an article HERE
Tags: september 2016, storms

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