Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

On the Subject of Beds

Image result for dream comfy bedroom
Not my room - I hasten to add!

I suppose it depends on the requirements of the individual. If you have insomnia (I have bouts of it when busy with uni requirements ), then at times it can feel like an instrument of torture. Every spring within the mattress felt, every sheet a shroud, duvets are scratchy and hot, or lumpy, miserable and cold.

Tonight, my bed feels heaven sent - literally. Fluffy white pillow, soft-as-a-cloud lavender print duvet. For the first time in months - cool air through the bedroom windows and a sense that, now the door is shut on everybody and everything, that peace finally rains. That is no misspelling either. Soft warm rain falls, gentle water runs in gutters and I am safe and warm and chilled all at omce.

And it is at this point I turn off the world til morning - good night :-)
Tags: night time musings
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