Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
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Morrab Road Private Library

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Well, the summer just sped by and now we have torrential rain, with dark cloud cover for the next four days.  I am out for three of them, mostly to meet friends who are moving to Canada (sniff) and one who is currently unwell at the moment.  Today, I will be visiting this place - the Morrab Road Private Library. I feel like I have landed in heaven.  It's like a gentleman's club without the prejudice and club soda.  I joined over the weekend and I am thrilled that one of the young assistants did her BA English last year - major dissertation? The works of Angela Carter!  I find that there is even a small Carter section upstairs.  I alos find that one of the patrons just happens to be John Le Carre who still lives in nearby St Buryan (allegedly).  Thrilled to bits.  Hubby can also make use of the rooms - two mature students together :-)
Tags: cornwall, morrab road private library, penzance

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