Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Robert Del Naja & the 'Bansksy' Theory

Is Massive Attack member Robert Del Naja the real Banksy?

This news piece has hit Twitter, Facebook et al - as it is originally written by the Daily Mail, I am highly suspicious of it.  Robert Del Naja from 'Massive Attack' has come under closer scruting recently, after years of people attriubting the work to Robin Gunningham.  Rather than Del Naja being the sole renegade master, it suggests that it is a collective working under the banner 'Banksy' and that it is fronted somehow by former grafitti artist Del Naja. Further artistic dealings with the 'Banksy' character (a Banksy-directed film Exit Through The Gift Shop), have lead to linking 'Banksy' artwork with Massive Attack on tour.  Like The Wild Bunch, but with a paint can.

Interesting if it is Del Naja, however, ultimately disappointing, too.  I love the idea of an artist being truly anaonymous, but also love the idea of a bunch of Bristol lads raising two fingers on MANY different levels.  They must be having a right old laugh, especially at the poncy upple middle classes, who buy the right-on political message splashed on canvass, but decry grafitti being on the wall of their modest brick semi.  bet Del Naja is having a grin, too.
Tags: banksy, massive attack, robert del naja

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