Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

The Heart Is An Unquiet House

Lying awake as too many things crowd my mind. Like - 2 trips out at the end of the week that require planning; needing to make myself scarce tomorrow so J can study and should I take my camera; which book next - Black Venus (87pages) or The Bloody Chamber (probably twice as long). Long worries about uni - renewing rail card, which means nailing down one of the dons to sign it off. Plus, what the hell will my major diss argument be about? Can I make ANY of the lit crit criteria fit my theories? Concerned that my closest friend is being seriously mucked about by her boyfriend; another moving away.Shit that probably doesn't matter, but it's making it your business now at 3am and beyond.

Need the sweet arms of Morpheus right now.
Tags: insomnia, night time musings
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