Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

St Erth Recycling Plant

Been a bloody awful day today within the Hayle area.  First a very serious collision on the bypass, one person believed dead.  Road still closed.  Which has impacted upon the serious incident above.

This is at St Erth Recycling Plant.  You can see the flames from the top of the village.  The tyre recycling place has gone up, so has some gas canisters.  What was a fiery problem, has now become an inferno - it's by a railway station, the back of an industrial estate and not too far from St Erth village and the petrol station.  Place is in chaos.  Hopefully no lives lost.  It appears the double incident has made national news - ITV and BBC have both shown footage.

Makes my heart sink.  Emergency services have been a godsend.

Tags: cornwall, fire

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