Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
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Research of Angela Carter's 'Wise Children'

Today, I am settling down to some analysis of Angela Carter's book Wise Children, especially as the weather has gone from stuffy and stultifying to wet and washed-out  Alas, I cannot discuss the book, as it is part of my major dissertation study and in these days of search engines and other plagiaristic research devices, anything I write here would have to be referenced, hence my reticence in doing so.

However, it looks like this story has ideas along the same vein as 'The Bloody Chamber' (story) and The Magic Toyshop.

OK, so NOW I'm confused - many sets of twins and several cases of infidelity and incest.  It is about finding who biologically belongs to who and in which order/set.  Some of the matching names are mildly amusing - Gengis Khan and Daisy Duck, Melchior and Lady Margarine (because she once made a butter commercial). Looks like I may have to take a crash course in the Shakespeare ones that I haven't read, as there are many Bardic refs than you can shake a sweaty stick at, namely A Midsummer Nights Dream, King Lear and Much Ado About Nothing.  Did I say at any point that I was going to get out any time soon to enjoy the summer??? Carter couldn't have mentioned Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, The Tempest, Julius Caesar or Othello instead (i.e the ones I HAVE read), could she?

No, it seems. Not at all.
Tags: angela carter, ba english yr 3, grindstone files - year 3, major dissertation, wise children

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