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The Magic Toyshop Notes - Still Going

I really hoped that I would be done with the extensive notes on The Magic Toyshop, but I keep finding so many motiffs, themes and literary comparisons, that it is making my head dizzy.  The latter end of the book is really challenging me and I know that I won't be using a LOT of the quotes, unless I need it to support an argument.  Which I haven't properly formulated yet.  I've only got up to page 146, 54 pages of detailed stuff to get through and trudging so very slowly, much to my disappointment.  I wanted to start Wise Children very soon.

Something else is niggling me at the moment, too.

I have had three emails from Plymouth Uni staff today, one from the Head of English, another from my official Major Dissertation student tutor - both telling me that the situation has changed and that there is a dissertation change of tutor (one member of staff can't do their sabbatical, bringing my tutor's sabbatical forward by a year).  Then another email (round robin) from my new lecturer (male) introducing himself and saying that he will see us all in September. I bid adieu to the former one, then asked around on the student forum re the other one (and if indeed he would be up for a feminist/psychoanalytical reading of Angela Carter etc).  Information tells me all good things - he's 'nice and a generous marker' and one says he was 'her favourite lecturer - explains things really clearly and is so helpful' etc.

Also, I have had word back from a fellow mature student, who tells me there is funding now for the (extremely) mature student if they want to do MA English and Culture.  Made my head a bit spinny.  I was on target for a first last year, but hit a huge bump this year.  Right now, on track for a 2:1, but not counting ubiquitous metaphors before they are hatched. I HAD thrashed this around in my head just a little while ago - many cons, not enough pros.  Hubby DID say, however, what does it matter re the cost and the job expectancy post BA.  if you want to do it, just do it!

Don't know...just...don't know right now.  The idea of it all might just either shove me onward, or over the top.  If I did, it would have to be over another couple of years.  I think it is best to concentrate on what's currently in front of me. I will scare myself half to death otherwise.

Behind her head was a desolation of rocks - The Magic Toyshop p.147

You and me both, kiddo....

Tags: angela carter, grindstone files - year 3, major dissertation, the magic toyshop

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