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Coming to Cornwall Soon - The Man Engine

Cornish mining man engine

A giant puppet of a Cornish miner has taken its first steps on a 130-mile journey.

Cornish Man Mining Engine unveiled

The 10-metre (32.8ft) Man Engine will travel across the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site to mark the 10th year of its Unesco heritage status.

The puppet is the same height as a double decker bus when in "crawling" mode but more than twice that height when standing.

It was launched in Tavistock, Devon and will reach west Cornwall on 6 August.

Man Engine in numbers

Britain's largest mechanical puppet


Height when standing (32.8ft)


Height when crawling (14.8ft)

  • 40 tonnes Weight with accompanying vehicle

  • 130 miles Distance travelled in two weeks, Tavistock to Geevor

10 Cornish Mining World Heritage Site areas visited

Full BBC Article and Film Footage HERE

Reminds me a bit of 'The Sultan's Elephant and I simply cannot wait!!!
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