Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Be Yourself

Have been trying to do some research work, but have been sidetracked into creating a web presence for an artist friend.  I have created a new Twitter account for him, plus looking into Wordpress etc.  Trying to make an electric hub and get his stuff noticed.  He works predominantly with wood and has had some fantastic reviews.

For thiose interested please see Alan S. Whitfield on Twitter and Etsy

Meanwhile, I am trying to understand the main principles of Freud and Jubg, which will be of maximum importance in application to the diss - plus, I am reading The Magic Toyshop by Angela Carter en route.  Interesting beginning, alas I cannot comment on my findings as I will want to use them extensively in the diss.  Trying to settle down to read this is a task and a half - right, PC off, book out, time to restart.

Tags: alan s. whitfield, angela carter, art, major dissertation, the magic toyshop

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