Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
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Dream Myself Alive

I had a very odd dream last night.  I have been having disturbed nights as Prodigal 2 is doing shift work and is notoriously difficult to wake him up.  I have to be up extra early to compensate and consequently, I don't settle very well at night.  Also, I have had three migraines over four days - which is unheard of for me.  In recent times, it had dwindled down to less than half a dozen per year.  With and without aura, also one started then abruptly stopped without tablet/sleep intervention.  I have wondered if this has played a part.

The dream was very, very real - sufficed to say if someone said they had seen me out and about earlier in the day, I would have believed them.  In this dream, I was waiting at a local bus stop with my sons (at the age they are now - 31 and 22 respectively), but I was about 19 and I was wearing an outfit from that time.  I was in shock, because I realised that this was not a dream.  I was bare foot - I could feel the tarmac path under my feet.  I was even having a heated discussion with the lads about this.

P1: Of course this is not a bloody dream - I am here, we are catching a bus.

Me:  I know that, but I can't remember how I got here.  I've got to phone Dad

(tried to call)

Me: See? I know this isn't a dream, I can feel my fingers tapping the glass.  This is in real time.

(no answer from Hubby)

We get on a coach, I could feel the floor under my feet.  I held on to backs of seats, picked up an item of shopping that a lady had dropped.  There were no symbols or random stuff - this was as real as I am typing right here, right now.  I wandered to the front of the coach.  Both P1 &2 were getting narky with me.

Me: (to P2) You don't understand.  I don't know how I got here.  And I don't know where we're going either.  I will have to ask the bus driver.  I need to know where we are going.

I woke up with a jolt, because it was a reality - a living, breathing, walking reality.  It's not the same as lucid dreamimg (where you are able to control your dreams).  Don't think it is what people refer to as astral travel, either - because I don't think it met those parameters.  It has shocked me; I have been used to the theory of dream analysis for quite a while, but not like this.  I read Freud and Jung dream theories when I was in my early teens.

It is interesting that now I am substantially revisiting their writings via psychoanalytical literary theory for my major dissertation.

(Under this cut is the opening credits to 'Life On Mars' because it really DID feel like I had a Sam Tyler moment.  God help me if I ever DO go into a coma!! A case of 'Hello, I'm Calico_Pye and I have woken up in 1987')

Tags: dream, vids 2016

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