Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

The Creative and Unconventional Surrealist!


The creative and unconventional Surrealist!

What Is Your Life Philosophy Based on Your Words? – MIND GAME

Your mind refuses to be bound by time, space, and social norms. You see a world that is absurd, and complex. Most people experience the world similarly, they see a blue sky, white clouds, and the grey of the pavement below. You see the world for its possibilities and for what is impossible. You see the shades of purple in the grey cement, and you hear a particular tune in the wind. You are not bound by the boring routine of reality, you allow your imagination to grasp you and guide your life. Your free creative spirit is bursting forth, and touching those around you in the most beautiful way!


I think ANYONE can be called creative or artistic - you would be a pretty strange and boring human if you weren't.  However, I am vain enough to like those descriptions.
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