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Get Wize ~ Water From a Vine Leaf

Originally posted by pigshitpoet at Get Wize ~ Water From a Vine Leaf
William Orbit - Water From A Vine Leaf from Strange Cargo III (His fourth solo LP) 1993

Beth Orton vocals

William Orbit - Time to get wize (Strange Cargo III, HD Stereo) 1993

"Time to get wize" is one of the great songs from William Orbit's now rare Strange Cargo III album,
with improved video and audio quality from Strange Cargo III film, released by Virgin Records VHS
Filmed by Simon Hilton. Orbit borrows from hip-hop and dub for "Time to Get Wize," with Divine Bashim.

William Orbit - Into the Paradise (Strange Cargo III) 1993

More Beth Orton w/video by abstract artist Don Saban, L.A. CA

William Orbit - A Hazy Shade of Random (Strange Cargo III) 1993

Enjoy !! ♫


.With thanks to Mr P - pigshitpoet
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