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Careers Corroded - Cameron and Corbyn in the House of Commons

Sadly, even down to popular demand, there is absolutely no chance of a second referendum on the table.  Truthfully, I didn't think it would ever truly be taken seriously - because it would be seen as a mockery to the democratic process.  We have to just sup it up and move on.  Dave has stopped sulking and emerged from his pillow fort, vowing to steer Britain through the next few months.  He allegedly believes that we have undertaken the biggest democratic vote in history and that we should be proud of our democratic proccess.

Steps have been taken to stabilise British economy.  Zero tolerance on abuse on immigrants and ethnic minorities (in reaction of course to the racist graffiti in the Polish Cultural Centre in Hammersmith this weekend.

BBC News Highlights.

  • Downing Street has announced that there is a new unit established in cabinet - employing the brightest and best of the civil service to start intensive work on the British departure from the European Union.

  • Mervyn King (former Governer of the Bank of England) reckons there is no reason to be particularly worried.

  • Shares have fallen, but not as badly as expected.

  • EU - No talks with the UK until Article 50 is invoked, which will not happen at this stage.

  • No initial change in travel/goods movements or services.

  • Apparently, the the UK has capital/liquid reserves.  There is 250 billion in the kitty to fund the banks and markets, more blah, blah about economic stress testing and seemingly we can withstand a scenario far worse than the one we are already undertaking.

There are questions abound re the Conseravtive party's future.  Ditto Labour's as no less than 32 of Jeremy Corbyn's cabinet have resigned - deputy Labour Leader Tom Watson has already declared that Corbyn has no authority amongst MP and faces a leadership challenge. 57 Labour candidates have asked for his resignation.

Osborne is eager to keep the stability of the economy via an address to the markets early this morning - much good that this has done him.  He is also to meet the G8 leaders and get on with his job.  There has been no sign of Boris anywhere - I presumed he was practicing his rhetoric and trying to play down the idea that he has just stuffed the British economy.  Alas, he was seen playing cricket with Earl Spencer over the weekend, Good job, Boris - out for a duck (!)

And the sun sets on another difficult day, yet there is a sense that SOME form of structure is being put into place.  However, there are many people who feel that we are on the brink of absolute collapse more catastrophic than it first appears. What else can we do, but to wait and see how this pans out :-/
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