Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

"Et Tu, Boris?"

Well, it has been just over 24 hours since the massive Brexit shock and the country is still reeling.  Even if this is meant to be a weekend, it is worrying that there is a clear ABSENCE of leadership at the moment.  Dave's licking his wounds, knowing that he has gone down in history as the Worst Prime Minister in a Hundred Years.  Boris is uncharacteristically playing everything in minor key, with a very confusing message in regards to our position in Europe.  Boris - can we still truly be called European after all this? You might be right but this is not the time and place to argue semantics. Plus, Farage is furious because he's suddenly found out that he's persona non grata and therefore not invited to the Cross Party Committee that is supposedly leading Britain out of the EU. Quite extrodinary, given the man's place within the campaign. IMO, they are using him as the figurehead of mass xenophobia, an 'everyman's' slightly more acceptable version of Nick Griffin.  Theoretically, if Farage has been the signifier of crass racism within the campaign, then it looks like the Brexit camp are forcing him* to fall on his very jaded sword.

"Et tu, Boris?" cried both Cameron and Farage (but for very different reasons).

Regardless of my own political position (currently fence-sitting, albeit with splinters in my bum), there is one thing for sure. Sources from various accountancy factions have maintained that most of the key business corporations (although in turmoil) HAD planned for this and contingency measures WERE in place for in/out/shake it all about - best and worst case scenarios.  The banks had planned for this, too - expecting problems from the stock market/sterling/shares and planned accordingly.  The only people who seem to be a bit in freefall, are the general public and to some extent, the Government <---- which disturbs me.  If we were really so neck and neck in this race, why are the political factions so reticent and confused at the moment? Why isn't there any PROPER spokesmen (Cameron, I am looking at YOU - you haven't gone JUST yet) trying to calm the troubled waters?

Where are the grown ups in this situation?

* note - I have never have been nor will ever be a supporter of Nigel Farage, or his politics.
Tags: boris johnson, brexit, british government, david cameron, politics

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