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Moby: Porcelain (Auto Biography) - DJing in a Dodgy Place

I was thinking where he grew up and his stint as a squatter in the abandoned Connecticut factory, with gunshots, drug dealers and junkies as a background track and fully got the sense of 'life in the raw'.  Somehow though, I felt I wanted to shield him, bless his heart.  No wonder he felt like a little alien - water-swillin', vegan-promoting, God-fearing lad, that he was. One of his dosed-up flat mates was so looped and agressive, he had bought two cans of gasoline and was going to dowse the guys and set fire to them in the night, but he himself had fell asleep.

I have got to the point where Moby is DJing at a 'swingers' club and It aint for the faint-hearted either.; 'The DJ was playing an old disco single while a few chubby swingers dressed in bondage gear danced under some spinning red police lights and a lone Radio Shack strobe light' (p.51).

I will not discuss the 'cut and thrust' of what was going on, suffice to say that there are mattresses behind the bar and the clients are 'imbibing'.  Poor Moby. 'I had never seen public sex before.  I had rarely even seen private sex [...]The sex going on in front of me didn't seem deviant.  There was no enthusiasm, no passion.  The people [...] seemed lifeless, and the people watching seemed lifeless, too'.  Heavily infused with incense and oils, too - so ' if you closed your eyes, you'd think you were in a discount candle shop' (p.53).

Very synthetic, then.  Cloying too.

Quote of the Day

How bored everyone seemed to be; ' I expected a sex club to be threatening and degenerate and challenging.  This felt more like a randy group of Department of Motor Vehicles employees on their lunch break' (p.53).

Things are looking up, though - bar a regrettable and 'intimate' incident with a huge cockroach.  More on Sunday.
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