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Moby: Porcelain (Auto Biography) - The Beginning

Right now, I am settling down for a comfy read. This will possibly be my last random book, cutting it short as I really do have to get back to study.  I will be reading extensively on Jung/Freud this summer and if I really want to crack my major dissertation, I need to know the theories inside out BEFORE I figure out the angle/books of the diss.

As I have already said, I quite like Moby.  His music first came to my attention in 1999 when his album Play flooded the market.  When his autobiography Porcelain came out last month, I thought I would give it a whirl. I have also watched some of a documentry that spans his early career, specifically his life in the abandoned factory in Connecticut. The soundtrack to his life there is interesting enough: gunshots, amplified gospel and loud car music 'Public Enemy.  Or EPMD. Or Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock.  Every fifteen minutes, a car would drive by playing 'Fight the Power' or 'It Takes Two' at toaster-oven-rattling levels' (p.9).

And on it goes. Moby in amusing self-deprecation mode, which is easy to read and strangely comforting to behold.  There are anecdotes about downtown dealers and his veganism/bible classes to the point of being a bit too mundane.  However, I like his interesting partnering of words, specifically in regards to the contrast beween his life and that of a fellow DJ from a more privileged background.  Moby draws contrasts, ending with the words 'he loved obscure jazz and Cozy Burger and I loved Bob Seger and soy milk'  (p.34).
Tags: autobiography, biography, moby, noughties underground, reading list 2016, vids 2016

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