Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Provisional Marks For War Essay

Managed to get into my statement of results and found that I have a provisional mark of 66% for the Auschwitz essay.  A very safe 2:1 for that, then - still not confirmed by my lecturer, as yet. A provisional yeeee haaaawwww.  I have to work out the stats as it leaves me 60 credits for the major dissertation and a final 20 credits for satire (beginning September 2016).  I need to find out what I need to get an overall very safe 2:1.

What's it to you
If I feel now
Just a face in the wall
Crawling out of the ground
Now look at me
You cry
Like a leaf in the fall
I fly in the sky, don't you?

What's it to you
This noise noise
Like a plaque on the wall
One of these days
I'll just leave
(What's it to you?)
As boys drown
You feel like young gods
You know
All young gods must fade
(What's it to you?)

What's it to you
Going down boys
Like a screw in the wall
My lovers never leave in love
Play war like marines
Just noise noise
Just roar roar
One of these days

(What's it to you?)

Tags: ba english yr 3, eighties underground, gary numan, if this is a man, primo levi, vids 2016, war writing since 1914
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