Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

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RMB 2 - 100th Window

This reminds me of 2003, during a cold and very dark winter.  Riding on a damp bus, clammy windows, shouting kids.  Tuning the world out with a Walkman (remember those?), streaking dirty rain down the window or like silver mercury, bouncing off the sill.  I wrote a lot, I remember. The reworked 'Echo & Narcissus' for one.  Staccato poetry for another. Broke the surface in June of that year, the same time that I acquired my cat Dylan (superkitty extraodinaire - still rocking as a teenage (old) tom).

Think I overplayed the tracks to be honest - hence the gap of thirteen years.  Still, brief revival never hurts.
Tags: massive attack, noughties underground, random music bomb, vids 2016

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