Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

House of Leaves - Next Few Chapters

I must admit to not reading at all yesterday as I was side tracked into other things. Thought for the day - is the house  a pathetic fallacy that reflects the state of Navidson/Green's relationship, or even the inner working's of Navidson's mind? And... was the 'Five and a Half Minute Hallway' (theoretic or otherwise) the reason for Mallory the cat's eventual disappearance?  Effectively swallowed by the house and its illusory portal?  Or a personification of Karen Green's psyche (vagualy hinted as suffering from a young person's 'betrayal'), which she has to face, in order to save Navidson?

(Reminder::: The book is obviously fictional, the paper theoretic, the film a hoax,  and both the account and reproduction of the article is laced by JT's drug-fuelled editing.  It makes for fracturered reading, but also underlines how humans decode things in fragments and try to make sense of stuff that is subjective.  Now, back to the book).
Tags: house of leaves, mark z. danielewski, reading challenge 2016, reading list 2016

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