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House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski

I have attempted (and failed) to have a summer reading list most years, so I am going to attempt to read some books that I have promised myself this year, without a list to nag me. Plus, I will be reading a LOT of Angela Carter re the major dissertation, so I think I want a bit of a break with something entirely different.

This time last year, I picked up Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves and became beguiled enough to let it interfere with my interpretation of The Bloody Chamber.  However, I lost interest, then mislaid the copy up until now.  I have been curious about the book, as I really liked Poe's song Hey Pretty, which reminded me of a hot summer several years ago.  Poe - aka Annie Decatur Danielewski (MZD's sister) included her brother's narration on House of Leaves for the remix of Hey Pretty.

Personally, I think Poe's video is tame, but maybe the image of women mud wrestling is not suitable for a work environment - hence the cut.

I will make a valiant effort to get through it, even if I don't totally understand it.  Wish me luck - I'm going in.
Tags: annie decatur danielewski, house of leaves, mark z. danielewski, noughties underground, poe, vids 2016

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