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Bloggers Who: Make You Grit Your Teeth

Just hilarious

Originally posted by author_by_night at Bloggers Who: Make You Grit Your Teeth

Upon reading a variety of blogs that ranged from silly to offensive in the past... whenever blogging became a thing, I decided to post:

A. The sort of blog titles I see. (Noting that they aren't always as horrible as the title implies - although really, you still shouldn't start off with your readers ready to punch you in the face.)

B. The sort of blogs/articles I've read.

This is image heavy.

I'm a Narcissist Who Says Terrible Things. Please Love Me.

I Don't Know What I'm Talking About - But I'm Still More Angrily Informed Than You!

I Like My Friends, But I'm Better Than Them. Here's Why.

Using Nerdy Pop Culture References Without Understanding Said Nerdy Pop Culture References.

Why I Prefer Red Shoes to Pink Shoes. (No, That's Not a Stupid Thing to Blog About.)

I Spent So Much Time Blogging This Semester, I'm on Academic Probation.*

Women Should Be Treated Like it's 1962. (What?)

WASP Mommy Bloggers Judge Your Parenting!

I'm Ghostkin. Yes, That's a Thing.

Bitch, Please: I'm Concretekin.

I Set My Workplace on Fire - But it Wasn't Real Fire.

Why I Hate Young People. Especially the Ones Reading This.

I Just Started the Best Wanksplosion Yet . :)

*Just a note: This is the only stock image, so don't waste time trying to figure out what "show/movie" it's from.

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