Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Primo Levi - Second Draft

Still appraising this essay.  The suject is harrowing and the problem is, I can identify with some of it.  A subject I am not prepared t discuss on here, suffice to say that I can recognise a lot of the coping mechanisms that evolve in times of abuse.  The only thing I can do is knuckle down and finish it, say goodbye to a challenging academic year.  Do the research this summer re the dissertation, start it in September, do the satire module from February to May then the whole lot is done.

I remember now why I have such tummy problems. It's down to being tied to a desk with few breaks and the wrong food being shoved in at regular intervals. 2,850 and I am only about 75% the way through the second draft.  Today, I entertained my niece for a few hours, tomorrow my granddaughter Aimee will be here.  Then I will have to finish and seriously rewrite massive chunks (I already have 500 words hacked out, which are residing in a 'word dump' document that I created, just in case I need to paste something else back in); plus fold some academic sprinkles into the mix.

My intestines have knotted and have threatened to jump up through my stomach if I don't stop abusing my digestive system.  I am far too old to be living like a sugar-driven student hack, shoving packets of custard creams and gallons of coffee down my gullet (no I didn't either, but my system is not thappy guzzling mint tea, Nakd bars and pasta either).

I have ten gallon feet too :-(
Tags: ba english yr 3, grindstone files - year 3, if this is a man, primo levi, war writing since 1914

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