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Donna Ruff

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 photo unnamed_zpsyuxjyr0d.png

 photo unnamed-1_zpsvq0iziu8.png

” What captures my attention as an artist are ordinary things, artifacts of lives lived and time passing: a folded newspaper, a mosaic tile, a frayed textile. I find visual patterns in these artifacts and recreate and expand upon them in a slow, deliberate process that replicates a sense of aging and imperfection through cutting, burning and layering the resulting works on paper. The paper I choose is essential to the result. I often work on pre-existing media such as newspaper and books, cutting away some of the content, but I also use handmade paper to contrast my drawing on pure white grounds.” – Donna Ruff

 photo unnamed-2_zpslxsg8umw.png

Tags: art 2016, sweetstation
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