Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

The Panama Papers (Alleged)

Well, well - take a look at this beauty.  What you see before you are the occuaptions of the people in the 'Panama Papers' leak.  Yesterday saw actress Emma Watson lambasted by some of the snottiest newspapers, for purchasing property as a beneficiary of a company in the Virgin Islands.

I don't really care what EW has been up to - take a look at the REAL culprits.  This is all seemingly legitimate, but the stats are making these offshore multi millionaires look even more shifty than normal.  Ironic too, that in the last couple of days David Cameron (whose party is currently being investigated for election fraud) is part of the new quote 'Anti-corruption Summit'

Obviously these two things are not related - but Call Me Dave must not be oblivious to the hypocracy that is going on within his own leadership, the government and British politics at large.

Tags: david cameron, politics, the conservatives

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