Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

'Dolly Glow Brightly'

Well, this was definitely a conversation starter on FB

DJC -  That wouldn't be at all creepy...

ME -  It would amuse me, but would frighten the crap out of practically any child I know

SAM - 😳😱😩

PRODIGAL 2 -  I suppose it's less hassle than using real heads...again...

ME - Son, you know me well xx

SS - eeeeeeeek!

ME - LOL - think it would unnerve me, too

CD -  Grandchildren have a plastic doll which freaks them out, so they put it in the garden - was tempted to bury it up to its neck one night...

ME - It would have been brilliant if it was given to a charity shop, only to be bought back and planted in the garden.

Mwah hahaha!!

Saying that, I was bought a clockwork penguin when I was a kid - it was both loud and nasty, like Pingu on meth, I did literally bury it under the pear tree at the bottom of the garden.

I think I would have widdled myself if it had suddenly resurfaced

TC -  this is terrifying!! 😖

ME - Great as a Halloween gimmic, not so great 364 other days of the year

P2 - Don't lie. You'd love to have a table lamp like that

TC -  fuck no!! 😖

P2 -  I meant mum

ME - Not sure - I already have a freaky bedside lampshade. I wouldn't want your father screaming at ‘Dolly Glow Brightly’ ....again

Tags: dolls

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