Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Spring Shadows

I love this time of year, cold and clear with a hint of the start of better weather.  Such bright light and interesting shadows.  The trees are starting to sprout leaves and the migratory birds are slowly making their way back - the birdsong enriching the estuary soundscape.   The river tide is well in and although it is still comparatively freezing, the mercury is at least making an effort.

I have been most fortunate in finding a place that organises arty/crafty days. Yesterday, I made a victorian box and for a first go, it actually came out looking pretty ok.  I have my eye set on a rag rug making day and a scrap journalling day too.  I have come to a stage where I am fed up being squashed flat by academia and since there is only one assignment due re the module before I finish the half year.  Taking up arty/crafty stuff is just an excellent way for me to unwind, plus it gives me ideas for script/novel ideas too.

Tags: art 2016, flickr

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