Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Speed 3: Lelant Style

It's all happening 'ere. Police everywhere - and are usually such a quiet backwater too


The Cornishman Story

Bomb disposal teams and the police have been called out to a house in Lelant this afternoon after reports of an unexploded device.
Devon and Cornwall Police along with the Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Unit were called at around 1.55pm after reports of a suspicious device that had been found by a man while excavating an address in Church Road, St Ives.

An image of the device in question has been sent to the Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Unit who have confirmed that this is potentially a live shell or mortar round.
A statement from Devon and Cornwall Police said: "The device has been placed in a nearby field and a 100 meter cordon has been put in place. There are road closures currently in place at Church Lane, The Badger and Longstone Cross."

Original Article HERE

Tags: bomb, cornwall
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