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Refering back to the nature of dreams of my old place, that I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have noticed that the place is changing whenever I dream of it now.  My last dreams were about trying tester pots of paint on the wall of my old bedroom (pink, purple, dark blue and turquoise) and having a discoball in my front room, whilst packing to go to London.  These were the present-day me rather than the past-tense me.  If what the Jung & House Symbolism page is anything to go by, then how I saw myself and how I see myself now is dramatically shifting.  For the better, too.

I used to dread these dreams, as I felt I was perpetually stuck and very unhappy, as per that time.  It was the one place that (even though rented) was actually mine and I think that has a lot of bearing.  Unhappy as I was, at least I called the shots on what I wanted.  Ironically our cottage is jointly-owned, yet I feel that I haven't had much of a say as to how it is decorated etc. (I probably DO have more say, but currently don't feel that I have - something I should address).  This is about compromise, I know.  Maybe I feel that I compromise too far - J has quite a 'neutral-tone' palette and I do not; it is his taste that is primarily reflected in the decor.

Aside from that, I have come to terms with the idea that the bedroom symbolism is about the hidden and expressive (dare I say spiritual?) side of the self, whereas the living room is more about image and projected self (constructed identity, per chance?).  I am also having sound tracks played; the latest ones are under the cut, but are not from that era.  Olive You're Not Alone was mid nineties and Trellis' tracks from The Green Wing are from the early noughties.  I was long gone from the property in both cases, so a bit of a cross over confusion there.

I am aware that i am talking as if Jung's philosophy was an established truth - obviously nothing is tangeably proved, I believe the symbolism, my dreams would be affected by that belief (if that makes sense).

Olive - You're Not Alone

Trellis - Jolly Scarface

Trellis - Fibreoptik

For those who have not watched The Green Wing - episode one is HERE - possibly one of my favourite channel 4 alternative sitcoms.  I have met one of the scriptwriters, James Henry and his voice patterning is very similar to Tamsin Greig's character.
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