Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard


egg_shell mentioned the 7-7-1-1 format - which goes thus;

  • 7 things you did - Took P2 to the job centre; started to clear office; bought two felt mice and a large felt hare; considered changing furniture round to accommodate plants; discussed gardening (will continue tomorrow); had Chinese meal out with family; drew in my journal (will post later)

  • 7 things you saw - Brilliant Artsnight series on BBC iPlayer, basically how everyone has creative ability; sat at the bottom of the folly and played with Bingley in the bright, spring sunshine; found some craft materials (will decorate masks with them); roadworks outside my door for the second night on the trot; found my sign/signifier/signified cartoon from year 2;  sunset at 7:45 this evening; Bingley ripping holes in my plastic bags.

  • 1 thing you heard - Sad news re the passing of Ronnie Corbett.  A good innings though, hopefully an easy passage.

Tags: 7-7-1-1

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