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Wordpress Shameless Plug

Not that I pay particular attention to the LJ stats, but I have seen my position slide from within the top 400 to a lowly 758 in a very short period of time.  Zut Alors!!! I realised now that it is not JUST purely based on readership, but also on multiple postings and continual checking etc and contributing to various forums. Such is the weakness of my vanity, but I am really enjoying space away from the PC right now.

Plus side::: for some reason there has been a surge of interest in my Wordpress page.  I set it up during my FdA English Studies 'New Tech' module and was largely redundant from thereon in.  Until recently, that is.  I decided to reboot it as a literary resource hub, always citing the sources and forwarding people on to the original articles.  I am pleased to say that my stats board (which had been despressingly western) has now started to light up with views from other places.  Uraguay, Japan, Tunisia.  Pleased as Punch.

Anyhoo - links below

NIGHT SWAN JOURNAL - as said above, a literary resource page. It is basically comprised of writing tips, interviews with authors, poetry jornalism - the list goes on.

CALICO SIX SEVEN - I have been collecting stop motion animation films and other bits and bots, with a view to creating my own at some point.  really enjoyed scriptwriting with view to develop them into film.

If anyone has anything to add, or knows of other good pages, please feel free to message me.  Ta Muchly.

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