Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
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Welcome Once Again To The Midnight Oil

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Spent most of the day on this and still haven't adequately abridged this.  It doesn't help that I lost interest in this several days ago and launched into an epic sulk tirade as to how exactly my current school of learning DOES NOT COMMUNICATE WITH IT'S STUDENTS!!!! (Plymouth Uni, I hope your ears are burning you)  So, on I plod. Feet are freezing, exchanges are terse. It is NOT a good incentive to be so late with your mark, then give you a shit ton of pointers JUST as you are about to submit - PU, this is extremely bad form.

Well, it's done - let's hope for a better mark this time (in saying that, I won't hold my breath).  Officially, I have been sitting in one position for so long, I have a bad case of coat hanger neck and ox bow back.  My stomach acid could eat through lino and I don't think many members of the family are talking to me right at this moment.  Time to make peace and a cup of tea :-)
Tags: ba english yr 3, war database research, war writing since 1914

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