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Gimmee the Prize!!!

The fury from the uni forum has carried into today's session, as we have to hand in our second essay (with the same word count) by midday tomorrow.  Have got virtually no hope for this one either.  I am going to ruthlessly edit, then stick it (or rather THEY can stick it).

Have had to add 'chocolate' permanently to my intolerance list - seriously, can I BE anymore damn intolerant to life than I already am right now?  For cheese, milk, chocolate, tomatoes, onions, tea, coffee etc - read everyday living, cheer, goodwill to my fellow man/woman/whatever.  Can't even take up a new drug like alcohol (I am practically teetotal as hubby is and felt uncomfortable swigging anything booze-related, not even a sherry trifle which is now off the list as it has milk custard in it argggghhhh!).  Alcohol only adds to the acid problems, leaving this oral-fixated, non-medicated, bile-overloaded bint into even more of a crabby, joyless old bag.

Quote fellow class member - Trying to argue something or have in going in some kind of direction, is a pain in the ass.

.......and that, ladies and gentlemen is BA English in a nutshell.

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